Unicode/ISO-10646 CJK Auxiliary

3000 - 303F
CJK Symbols and Punctuation
3040 - 309F
Hiragana (based on JIS X0208-1990)
30A0 - 30FF
Katakana (based on JIS X0208-1990)
3100 - 312F
Bopomofo (based on GB 2312-80)
3130 - 318F
Hangul Compatibility Jamo (based on KSC 5601-1987)
3190 - 319F
CJK Miscellaneous (Kaeriten)
3200 - 32FF
Enclosed CJK Letters and Months (months added in 1.1)
3300 - 33FF
CJK Compatibility (extended in 1.1)
3400 - 3D2D
Hangul (based on KSC 5601-1987)
3D2E - 44B7
Hangul Supplementary-A (rows 16-36 of KSC 5657-1991, added in 1.1)
44B8 - 4DFF
Hangul Supplementary-B (rows 37-54 of KSC 5657-1991, added in 1.1)

The punctuation set does not include separate codes for punctuation (e.g. brackets) in horizontal and vertical text. The rendition of these characters is considered outside the scope of the code. The advantage of this approach is that text may be reset in a different direction by merely changing the outside declarations.

The Hangul elements here are redundant presentation forms that can be coded with Hangul Jamo 1100-11FF.

Part of Notes on CJK Character Codes and Encodings.