Mathematicians' home pages in Taiwan

Prof. Ren-Chung Chuan
(全任重) National Tsing-Hua University. Prof. Chuan is the god-father of the computer-aided instruction in mathematics. He does not have a personal home page. But you shall enjoy his presentations in Geometric Constructions (幾何作圖), homework assignments (and solutions) of the course Mathematical Experiments (1998), Lotus 123 as a math teaching tool, and his extensive collection of mathematics resources.
Prof. William R. Ferng
(馮潤華) National Chiao-Tung University. Matrix Computation, scientific computing.
Mr. Chih-Wei Huang
(黃志偉) National Taiwan University. Actually he is a graduate in Physics. But he loves mathematics and wrote and collected a few mathematical objects in his web pages: Mahtematical logics, 23 problems of Hilbert, Network resources about mathematics.
Prof. Jinn-Liang Liu
(劉晉良) National Chiao-Tung University. Adaptive Computation, Scientific Computing, A Posteriori Error Analysis. Scientific Computing Web Lab, Lecture Notes on Advanved Calculus and Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing Seminar.
Mr. Liu Yuting (Tingnit)
(劉育廷) National Taiwan University. He entered Math Dept of National Taiwan Univ in the Fall of 1999. His homepage officially started on Jan 1, 2000. He kept an exciting web site with excellent personal tastes.
Prof. Tzon-Tzer Lu
(呂宗澤) National Sun Yat-Sen University. Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing, Optimization, High School Mathematics Education, The Scientific Computation Group at NSYSU.
Prof. Chih-Wen Weng
(翁志文) National Chiao-Tung University. Algebraic Combinatorics.

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