Chinese Electronic Character Study

This might be an exaggerating term. I coined the term in Nov, 1996. By this I mean the study of the problems raised when we want to encode the Chinese characters and the fundamental properties that must be bundled with the characters.

The following web pages are (must be) in Chinese.

* The terminology

* Convertion table for two phonetic systems: Pinyin and Zhuyin

* Table of pronunciations for 13060 ET/Big-5 characters (sorted by code)

* Table of ET/Big-5 for 1302 mandarin pronunciations (sorted by Zhuyin and code)

* Table of 1302 different pronunciations for mandarin (sorted by Zhuyin).

* Frequency of 1302 different mandarin pronunciations (sorted by frequency and Zhuyin).

Created: Dec 24, 1996
Last Revised: Dec 27, 1996
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