Measurement: A Very Short Introduction


David Hand (2016). Measurement -- A Very Short Introduction. New York: Oxford Univ Press.

真難以想像,116 頁巴掌大的一冊小書,可以在這麼廣的範圍裡舉出這麼多的例子, 闡明這麼深的觀念。我學了好多好多事,包括「社會學的測不準原理」, 還有一件我本該知道卻沒放在心上的事(作者寫了兩遍,我印在心上了): 物理性質皆可被六種基本屬性(attributes)表達出來,其中第六種是「角」。 前五種都是顯而易見的(長、重、時、溫、電荷),倒沒有想到「角」有這麼基本!

抄寫兩段引文。(1) Robert Recorde (1512--58,醫師、數學家,等號「=」發明人):

Wherefore in all great works are Clerks so much desired? Wherefore are Auditors so well fed? What causeth Geometricians so highly to be enhaunsed? Why are Astronomers so greatly advanced? Because that by number such things they finde, which else would farre excell mans minde.     (Robert Recorde, 1540)
(2) Richard Shryock (1893--1972,醫學史家):
One detects the feeling that meansurement somehow robs human phenomena of all mystery or beauty, and denies to investigators the satisfaction of age-old sense impressions and of intuitive understanding. Such feelings usually appear within any discipline when it is first threatened, as it were, by quantification. Dr Stevens terms it, in relation to current psychology, "the nostalgic pain of a romantic yearning to remain securely inscrutable. "     (Richard Shryock, 1961)
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