Chinese Computing

Since 1994, it is becoming clear that I shall devote my professional life into three categories:

  1. Mathematics: Numerical Analysis, Wavelets.
  2. Teaching: Mathematics, Computer Science.
  3. Chinese Computing.
I consider teaching is my job, mathematics is my profession, and Chinese computing is my duty (hmm, maybe also my hobby).

I would like to give a broad definition for Chinese Computing. That is, anything concerning Chinese and electronic computers. More specifically, I am interested in the topics that are the bottom of other things. All of my articles and computer programs are definitely in the public domain. Most of the articles are not formally published, because I do not know where to publish them. However, I reserve COPY RIGHTS for everything in my web pages. Please use the material according to the law.

* Copy-Right and Policy (Chinese)

* The Big-5 Fundamental Functions Project (Chinese)

* The S-Code Project

* Chinese Electronic Character Study

* Publications (Chinese)

* My recommendation of Chinese home pages (Chinese)

* My collections in the ftp server on dongpo.

* My collections in the gopher server on dongpo: poems and literature

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