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Being a Chinese intellectual, there is something special. Besides their specialities, Chinese intellectuals (traditionally) also care about the society, the politics, the land and the people. In their leisure time, Chinese intellectuals like to perform calligraphy, to paint, and to write poems. I would say that every Chiense intellectual is in one way or another an amateur poet.

I cannot paint, and my hand writing is very ugly. Fortunately I do not have to write very often (thanks to the computers). I did start to compose poems since I was ten years old. Most of them are lost anyway. Under this page, I will (shamefully) show my amateur poems and essays.

* Poems

* Essays

* A personal book review

* My escape is high altitude backpacking

* My collections in the ftp server on dongpo.

* My collections in the gopher server on dongpo: poems and literature

所謂中國式的知識分子,的確和其他族類的知識分子有所不同。 傳統的中國知識分子,在其專業知識之外,總是關心社會、涉身公務、 心懷土地與人民。 在其休閒時間,或是當他不得意的時候,中國知識分子經常以書法、繪畫和詩詞自娛。 我認為,每一個傳統的中國知識分子都在某種程度上同時是一個詩人。

我不會畫,寫字也醜極。 幸好因為有計算機可以打字,我通常不需要寫字。 但是我的確從大約十歲開始,嘗試寫詩。可惜大部分的作品已經不可尋。 到了三十幾歲,這種無詩的年紀,我才開始整理自己的舊作。



* 私人書評

* 我的休閒是 高山健行

* 東坡的 ftp 服務站

* 東坡的地鼠服務站內所搜集的 詩詞文學作品

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