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中文 (Big-5)

Since 1994, it is becoming clear that I shall devote my professional life into three categories:

  1. Mathematics: Numerical Analysis, Wavelets.
  2. Teaching: Mathematics, Computer Science.
  3. Chinese Computing.
I consider teaching is my job, mathematics is my profession, and Chinese computing is my hobby. I love my job and I take it seriously.

On this page, I will list several of my lecture notes and coursewares. I will also bring the attention of my students to some other web pages. Since I am teaching in Chinese, so almost all of the notes are in Chinese. I truely hope my country fellows can learn, discuss and think in our natural language: Chinese.

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在 1994 年,我認清了自己即將奉獻一部分生命於社會, 而這一部分的時間將分攤在三個領域中:

  1. 數學:數值分析與凌波函數。
  2. 教書:數學與計算機科學。
  3. 電子中文處理。
我認為教書是我的工作,數學是我的專業,而電子中文處理是我的嗜好。 我愛這份工作,而且嚴以待之。

在這張網頁中,我列出某些較為成形的課堂講義或電子輔助教材。 同時也搜集一些有利於學生學習的其他網路資源。 絕大部分的講義,都是以中文寫成,因為我由衷地希望, 國內的好學者,能夠以自己的母語來學習、研討、和思辯。

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* 在網頁中呈現數學的方法

* 已經畢業的學生

* 中央大學校歌

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